Groundbreaking Plant Design

Interiorscapes has provided innovative plant design, installation and maintenance for companies in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery and Auburn and the surrounding areas for 40 years. The condition of your interior plantscaping, exterior landscaping and landscape color speaks volumes about your property. Making sure those green spaces remain beautiful and well-kept is not only our business, it’s our passion. Green is not just a color anymore; it’s a way of life. Introducing living, green plants into your workplace is a simple and cost-effective way to improve indoor air quality, reduce stress, promote productivity and contribute to a host of other psychological benefits. Exterior plants not only add beauty and curb appeal but also allow you to positively affect your business’ first impression. Let our highly skilled team create colorful green spaces you can be proud of.

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Interiorscapes Insights

Featured Seasonal Plant

Our Featured Seasonal Plant is the Dracaena. The dracaena is a genus of plant with over 100 different species. Dracaena varieties can be grown indoors or outdoors and range from small office plants to large trees. They work well on their own or in pairings.

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Favorite Projects

Founded in 1978, Interiorscapes is proud to be celebrating 40 years in business. Visit our new timeline and learn what all has happened to make Interiorscapes the premier Birmingham plant company!

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Exterior Landscape News

This year at Interiorscapes, we introduced succulents to our roster of plants. Succulents are drought-resistant plants that have recently become the next big thing in the plant industry. They are popular because they are hardy plants that have interesting shapes and colors. Succulents come in many varieties that are different...

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