• Interiorscapes, Inc. was founded by Joy Daugherty and Linda Puckett with a $3000 loan from Larry Puckett and a greenhouse in the backyard of Joy Daugherty’s house. Since the beginning, Interiorscapes has been a full service plant company providing design, installation and maintenance of interior plants.


  • Short-term foliage rentals are added to Interiorscapes offerings for weddings, parties and special events. Bill Whisenant of Park Lane Flowers hired Interiorscapes to be his interior plant source for weddings and launched the company into the rental business.


  • First company vehicle---can you feel the “LUV?” (It's a Chevy Luv truck!)


  • Second work truck---guess it didn't meet "corporate standards" and no logo was added.


  • Check out the greenhouse. It was in founder Joy Daugherty's backyard in the Eastlake neighborhood of Birmingham, Alabama.


  • Interiorscapes' store front was moved from the Eastlake neighborhood to the neighborhood of English Village.


  • The Interiorscapes staff grows to eleven full time employees. After receiving many requests, Interiorscapes starts to provide custom holiday décor for corporate and residential clients, offering both design and installation.


    • The company moves to a large warehouse space in the Homewood, Alabama area. It's very exciting to be at a space large enough to house the growing company.


    • The company's fleet of service vehicles expands. Notice they're all Chevys? That’s because they were all purchased from Larry Puckett the company's initial financial backer.


    • Joy Daugherty's daughter, Justinn, was born in 1989 and started working in the warehouse in 1991. In 1992 Justinn found a daycare and retired in peace so she could talk to someone her own age.


    • Interiorscapes began providing cut floral arrangements for weddings, parties and corporate events throughout Birmingham.


      • A greenhouse was added to the company's office and warehouse in Homewood. It’s a little more convenient than the backyard of founder Joy Daugherty.


      • Martin Daugherty was born in 1998. In 2004, Martin started working for one of our biggest rental clients, the Bruno Memorial Classic golf tournament. Martin loved driving the golf cart!


      • Joy Daugherty's employees surprised her with a celebration of the 25th year of Interiorscapes. She is amazed it’s been 15 more years since this event!


      • Joy's husband and Interiorscapes' employee Chuck Daugherty left for 18 months to serve our country in Iraq.


      • Exterior landscaping was added as a division of the company after requests from clients. The team maintains several large-scale properties in the Birmingham area.


      • Check out the logo of the decade! And look how many vehicles the company has now.


      • Official “Interiorscapes Green” is adopted and used for branding and uniforms. Chuck and Martin--the Daugherty boys-- are two peas in a pod.


      • Justinn Overton, owner Joy Daugherty's daughter, is the Coosa River Keeper Executive Director. Water quality is so important to plant maintenance. Her parents, Chuck and Joy Daugherty couldn't be prouder!


      • After 40 years, founder Joy Daugherty, still loves getting her hands dirty and getting to work with a great group of employees. Interiorscapes loves corporate events and providing cut flowers to many of our client base.


      • Interiorscapes celebrated another successful Christmas season by having some fun at TopGolf. We are proud to be the interior plant provider and holiday installer for TopGolf Birmingham.
      • Owner Joy Daugherty was deeply touched by the sign the Entrepreneur Round Table VI group from the Birmingham Business Alliance presented to her. It meant the world to her to get such a generous gift from the people who’ve supported, advised and influenced her for years.


      • Joy Daugherty and her team continue to build and expand the services that Interiorscapes offers, concentrating heavily on Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery and Auburn and the surrounding areas.