Behind the Scenes

Floral Design in Action

Hey Everyone! Greetings from our Floral Department.   This elegant arrangement is made with white roses and dusty miller in a simple pedestal container. As you can see in the video, first our floral designer puts floral foam in the container and uses floral tape keep it in place. Floral foam, or Oasis, is soaked in water and allows us to create unique arrangements in vases that can’t easily store water. Next, the designer adds greenery. In this case, we are using dusty miller as our greenery base for the arrangement. Dusty miller is an elegant, ruffled greenery that adds […]

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Valentine’s Day Floral Arrangements

In honor of Valentine’s Day this past Wednesday, our talented floral designers made a beautiful Valentine’s Day themed arrangement for one of our weekly cut floral clients. Our weekly cut floral is a service where we create fresh cut flower arrangements every week and switch them out. It allows businesses to have an updated floral look every week without any thought or effort on their part. Another benefit of our weekly cut floral service is that we can do arrangements in a variety of sizes. As you’ll see in the images, we have tall arrangements as well as a small […]

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Benefits of Replica Succulents

Lately, succulents have been the next big thing. They’re everywhere. Search #succulents on Instagram and you’ll find over 4.2 million images of succulents. Many accounts are devoted specifically to succulent images. It’s not hard to see why. They are versatile, have interesting shapes and are just plain pretty. We are on board with the succulent trend. We’ve incorporated them into some exterior landscaping as well as inside. Because succulents require a lot of sunlight, not every area is ideal for this desert plant to thrive. But we’ve figured out a solution to that. Between some amazing replica succulents and talented […]

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