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How to Wick Plants

At Interiorscapes, we are constantly working to improve the way we take of care of plants for our interior plant maintenance¬†clients. One way we are doing this is by wicking plants. Learn more about how to wick plants from Kevin, one of our plant techs. In the video, as shown below, Kevin demonstrates how to wick a plant using a 6 inch pothos.      

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Orchid: April Plant of the Month

Our April Plant of the Month is the Orchid. The orchid comes in a large variety of types. They can be small or large, used in floral arrangements or on their own as a statement, indoor plant. Despite the variety of shapes, sizes and colors, it is easy to identify an orchid. These classic flowers are unique and simple but elegant. Some of the more popular and well-known varieties are listed below: Cymbidium orchids are small flowers that are perfect for corsages and other wedding work. If you’ve worn an orchid, it was a cymbidium. They can also be used […]

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