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Floral Design in Action

Hey Everyone! Greetings from our Floral Department.   This elegant arrangement is made with white roses and dusty miller in a simple pedestal container. As you can see in the video, first our floral designer puts floral foam in the container and uses floral tape keep it in place. Floral foam, or Oasis, is soaked in water and allows us to create unique arrangements in vases that can’t easily store water. Next, the designer adds greenery. In this case, we are using dusty miller as our greenery base for the arrangement. Dusty miller is an elegant, ruffled greenery that adds […]

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Featured Client: Renaissance Ross Bridge Resort and Spa

Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa has been a client of Interiorscapes since the hotel opened in 2005. To call it simply a hotel is a little simplistic. This resort located in Birmingham, Alabama is actually a Scottish castle and is home to a world-class golf course. In addition, it has a spa, tennis courts, pools and delicious dining options. Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa is a stellar hotel option and we are thrilled to provide our services there. Upon driving up to Ross Bridge, one might notice a lush flower bed surrounding a fountain. This area […]

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Impatiens: March Plant of the Month

Spring is here and it’s almost time for spring planting! We are in the process of switching from pansies to impatiens. In honor of that, our March Plant of the Month is the impatiens. Impatiens do a very good job of adding color to a flower bed or bowl. They come in a variety of bright colors like white, red, pink, violet, coral and purple. They fill in spaces very well and quickly grow. They are showy flowers. As such, one of the common names for impatiens is Busy Lizzy. Though the origin is unknown, one can assume the name comes from how productive this plant is as producing […]

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