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Fun Fall Installation

Happy fall, everyone! We at Interiorscapes love getting the chance to do installations like this where we can do seasonally appropriate decor. This is such a fun job to do. Check it out!   We also got the chance to do another fall installation. This one frames the entranceway for one of our clients.

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Plant of the Month

With September being in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about fall planting. So for our inaugural plant of the month, we chose one of our favorite fall flowers: the pansy. The scientific name for the pansy is viola tricolor var. hortensis. As noted by the name, the pansy is a member of the viola family. Pansies come in a variety of colors and can be single toned, can have pencil type lines radiating from the center, or they can have a dark center face, The colors include red, yellow, purple, blue, white, orange and pink. We think they’re […]

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Succulent Planting

This year at Interiorscapes, we introduced succulents to our roster of plants. Succulents are drought-resistant plants that have recently become the next big thing in the plant industry. They are popular because they are hardy plants that have interesting shapes and colors. Succulents come in many varieties that are different colors, shapes and sizes. Some of our favorite succulents are Echeveria, Graptoveria and aloe. Here are some places where we successfully installed succulents in the exterior landscaping this year.

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