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Spring Planting

With warm weather coming to Alabama, we are gearing up for spring planting here at Interiorscapes. Even though spring planting won’t begin until the last week of April to ensure that we have no more frosts, we have already begun the process of getting things ready. We start by choosing the design that will suit our clients’ best. We spend time going over every detail to ensure that the plants and design fit the need and style of each individual client, and we customize each design to compliment our clients’ grounds and building. Once we have the design, we have […]

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Interiorscapes’ Living Wall

Living Walls are fast becoming a top trend in offices and buildings and we love our very own living wall at Interiorscapes. There are many different kinds of living walls, but Christy shows us how the one at Interiorscapes is put together. She begins by adding water to the troughs that will hold the plants. She then inserts strips of cloths (or wicks) that allow the plants to drink from the water in the trough. Christy then places the plants into the wall And arranges them. Until she is happy with the design. We love our living wall!

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Green Tie Affair

Murphy received a personal invitation from Michael Churchman, the Executive Director of the Alabama Environmental Council. Interiorscapes is excited to be able to take part in their annual event, the Green Tie Affair, Aprill 22nd at Old Car Heaven. We are also excited about their new recycling facility that will allow them to start recycling glass. Murphy loves recycling! For a complete list of recyclable materials, click here. And don’t forget to check out the Alabama Environmental Council on Facebook and Twitter!    

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