We know you want to make a great first impression, and that starts before your client even walks in the door. Interiorscapes can provide you with quality exterior landscaping that will not only impress your clients but also increase the overall value of your property. From perfectly manicured lawns to fresh seasonal color, we provide custom landscape services for each of our clients. Our staff of trained landscape technicians installs and maintains your landscape and color all year long. To see who we service, check out our client list.

Standard Exterior Landscape Services

  • Seasonal Color Beds and Color Bowls: Our professional horticulturists create a custom seasonal plan and design custom plant beds and/or color bowls with careful consideration given to the light, soil and placement of each plant. New custom designs are created for each season, and plants are changed so your beds and bowls always thrive in their environment.
  • Seasonal Plant Bed and Color Bowl Maintenance: This includes watering, pest control, pruning, deadheading and fertilization. Our plant maintenance crew comes to your property twice per week during the spring and summer seasons, as needed in the fall and once during winter. We make sure your color beds and bowls to continue to look as stunning as the first day they were planted.
  • Turf Management: This service includes mowing, edging, weed control and fertilization of grassy areas in your landscape. We want to keep your grass looking green and pristine all season.
  • Tree and Shrub Care: This service includes fertilization, pruning, shaping and pest control. We make sure trees and shrubs are properly cared for according to their unique seasonal cycles.
  • Living Walls: A living wall (or green wall) is a vertical planting that can exist either inside or out. Interiorscapes is delighted to have the experience and expertise to offer living wall consultation, design, installation and maintenance. View some of our favorite living walls.


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